A proven, purpose-driven mentorship method that gives companies an edge in growing their most important investment...their people!


Corporate Mentor Program

While reading Growing Mentor Intelligence™ will certainly help an individual develop mentoring skills, workshops are essential to creating a cohesive, clearly defined corporate mentor program. Using the methods outlined in the book, Alan is available for customized workshops, tailored to your company’s needs. For more information, please submit an inquiry.

About Mentor Intelligence™

What is Mentor Intelligence™? It’s living a purposeful life, strategically aligned with your goals, and having the ability to help others along that path. It’s the difference between saying you’re a mentor or mentee, and actually being an effective one.

Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned veteran, growing Mentor Intelligence™ is a skill that once developed, can yield immeasurable reward. In his bookCOL (RET) Alan D. Landry shares his unique techniques for creating mentor relationships with precision, strategic vision and intentionality.

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